February 22, 2016

Safety Engineer Group Urges OSHA To Require Workplace Safety, Health Program Adoption

The American Society of Safety Engineers is “disappointed” OSHA has not completed a rulemaking that requires employers to adopt safety and health management programs, but sees updated guidelines on such programs as a positive step forward.

According to comments submitted on OSHA’s new voluntary guidelines supporting health and safety management programs, ASSE is planning to partner with OSHA to determine ways to promote the updated guidelines across industries.

The organization – which represents occupational safety and health professionals – states that there is more knowledge about safety and health management systems, and better resources exist for employers to implement such programs.

“OHSA’s draft [guidance] gives the safety and health community a timely opportunity to come together to build a lasting document that can advance acceptance of a game-changing tool to save life’s and reduce injuries and illnesses in U.S. workplaces,” ASSE states in its comments.

The society urges inclusion of “prevention through design” processes to “design out” hazards before they appear in the workplace. Further, it encourages a “systems approach” to safety and health management, taking a “holistic” view of safety and health management.

It underscores the importance of relying on health and safety professionals to best implement such programs, and encourages for better evaluation and improvement processes for health and safety management programs. – Joshua Higgins ()


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