February 25, 2016

Report Examines State-By-State Workplace Safety, Health Risks

A new report by Underwriters Laboratories offers an assessment of workplace safety and health on a state-by-state basis, aiding businesses in identifying issues that can be managed through health and safety frameworks and prevent workplace injury, illness and death.

“There is growing recognition among businesses about the impact that workplace health and safety management can have on organizational productivity, worker well-being, morale, risk management, and operational costs,” the report says. “Given this trend, it is not surprising that companies are increasingly seeking new ways to understand the risk in the communities they operate.”

The report outlines how states compare to the national average in terms of workplace injuries and fatalities, as well as overall health of workers in that state.

It also assesses the impact of poor health on healthcare costs, lost productivity, days of absence, and total cost. – Joshua Higgins ()

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