January 26, 2016

OSHA Seeks Comment On Information Collection, Evaluation Of State Plans

OSHA on Tuesday announced that it is seeking public comment on new efforts to reduce paperwork and reporting burdens on states that maintain their own occupational safety and health plans.

According to a Federal Register notice, OSHA is soliciting comments on extension of information collection requirements for the submission, initial approval, continuing approval, final approval, monitoring, and evaluation of OSHA-approved state plans.

The program, according to OSHA, would assure that information gathered would be accurate and create as little burden on states maintaining their own occupational safety and health plans as possible.

OSHA is attempting to determine whether the proposed information collection activities are necessary for the agency’s proper functions and whether information collected is accurate and useful to the agency, according to the notice.

The agency will accept comments through March 28. — Joshua Higgins ()


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