March 7, 2016

OSHA Plans Conference To Address Temporary Worker Safety

OSHA on Friday announced that it will host a conference in Illinois to address workplace safety and health concerns for temporary worker.

The OSHA Safety Day Training Conference will be held on March 18 in Sugar Grove, IL, featuring sessions on industrial hygiene fundamentals, machine safeguarding, risk assessment, occupational safety and health management programs, and more.

Nearly 300 employees and managers are expected to attend, according to OSHA, and participation will include members from the manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail industries.

“The 2016 Safety Day Training Conference is a great opportunity to help small businesses prevent job injuries and protect their workers,” said OSHA area director Jacob Scott in a statement.

The conference is being co-sponsored by Waubonsee Community College, which is hosting the event.

Under current regulation, OSHA requires that both host employers and temporary staffing agencies have joint control over employee safety and health.

The agency recommends establishing responsibilities for complying with OSHA standards through contracts between the host employers, temporary staffing agencies, and employees. – Joshua Higgins ()


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