January 19, 2016

Businesses face April 30 deadline on recordkeeping requirement

OSHA has announced that employers must post between Feb. 1 and April 30Form 300A, which summarizes to employees the total job-related injuries and illnesses that were logged in 2015.

According to OSHA, more employers are now covered by the requirements, following changes to the agency’s recordkeeping and posting requirements that went into effect in January 2015.

Previously, employers with 10 or fewer employees and employers in “specific low-hazard industries” were exempt from the requirement, but certain previously exempt businesses are now required to keep records and post information about workplace injuries. In addition, the new requirements mandate that all work-related fatalities be reported within eight hours, and all work-related hospitalizations, amputations, and eye losses be reported within 24 hours.

When OSHA issued the rule last January, the agency said the updated requirements would “enable employers and workers to prevent future injuries by identifying and eliminating the most serious workplace hazards.” The required workplace form postings will inform employees about all workplace deaths and injuries that occurred within the past year, and will give employees information about the hazards in their workplace. – Joshua Higgins ()

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