Practice Areas



[C]ummins, Goodman, Denley & Vickers, P.C. regularly represents employers and insurers in the areas of employment law, business disputes, insurance defense, workers’ compensation, tort & OSHA (both state and federal) defense. The firm approaches litigation comprehensively with the goal of resolving all issues expeditiously. Effective advocacy focused on creative solutions is always the goal.  In sum, the firm provides options to clients designed to lead to positive outcomes.

Employment & Business Law 

[T]he firm assists clients with the full range of legal challenges employers face today. This includes preparation of employee handbooks, advice regarding drug testing in the workplace, interpreting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements in the context of a particular employer’s business environment, as well as defending BOLI, wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination claims, and resolving complex business and contract controversies.

Workers’ Compensation

[T]he firm has always enjoyed a well-earned reputation for being a leader in workers’ compensation defense throughout the Northwest.  The Workers’ Compensation systems in Oregon and Washington are remarkably different notwithstanding the proximity of the two states to one another.  The firm is known for providing effective tools designed for the unique challenges presented by the state systems in which it practices.  The result is often effective  mitigation of exposure tied to the 20% of claims that drive 80% of costs.  This experience is especially helpful to clients facing what turn out to be unnecessary increases in claims costs during difficult economic times.  Moreover, successful defense efforts on behalf of one of our clients can often translate into favorable case-law precedent, which, in turn, ends up benefiting all our other clients.  The firm’s additional expertise in employment and safety law allows for the application of a unique perspective and understanding of the interplay between these issues and workers’ compensation.  This in turn fosters the development of practical and beneficial “global” resolutions for the firm’s clients.


[T]he firm has been at the forefront of successfully representing employers in OSHA-related matters in the Northwest and around the country for over 20 years. This long history of interacting with the state and federal regulatory agencies benefits employers facing exposures linked to citations that go well beyond the administrative forums. Early and effective attorney involvement is particularly critical in mitigating exposure related to the complex issues that can often arise from workplace injuries and fatalities.  Successful handling of OSHA investigations often leads to the avoidance of otherwise costly tort litigation which can be triggered by any injury-related OSHA citation.  The firm has a long history of effective advocacy directed at generating  beneficial results for employers in the litigation, legislative and rule-making arenas that are inherently tied to OSHA issues.